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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Jun, would you mind commenting on this? I have seen several people saying that v1.02a is working with AMD based CPU hardware. How is this possible? Thanks. I testing in hp n54L is amd onboard cpu In 1.01 us needed boot on amd title mode In 1.02a amd title mode in conf is # hidden on boot screen
  2. shal

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    now jun loader 1.01 @ dsm6.0.2 is work on N54L I want up to dsm 6.1 but jun loader 1.01 can't support & jun loader 1.02 is not have amd support any one tryed mod jun loader 1.02 support (n54l) amd ? I hope jun next var can add back amd support I know intel cpu & esxi work on jun 1.02 @ DSM6.1 but I only have n54l I don't want install esxi host DSM6.1 because n54l cpu is not powerful~
  3. cam help me? i use gnoboot10.3 boot xpe 3827 is can boot is work but how to upgrade to 4458? use boot 4458(install/upgrade/downgrade)? but this one is new install? i boot this one in web install page can't find upgrade
  4. Can install on N54L? my N54L now is DSM4.2-3202 want upgrade to 3211 but how to upgrade? i don't want reinstall because now have data in DSM4.2-3202 need to build the new one img boot loader for N54L?? your boot loader can not new install 2.1 on N54L & install 4.2-3211