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  1. So let's say I get 4.2 running on my server, then 1GB RAM should be fine, right? For home size server with 2-6 drives and some applications it is enough. I have 1GB with 4 drives and some apps, like websites, mail server, and few more. Never seen more than half of RAM utilized. If run Video station, put more RAM better 2-3GB! Does anyone can help me to solve my ASUS E350 3GB RAM(installed 2x4GB) problem!
  2. I am using that DS3612xs_3202-Repack to install on my Asus E350. Where can I find the system is 32bit or 64bit? Do I do sonething wrong?
  3. Thx for reply! Where can I get the x86_64 (64bit) DSM? Many thx!
  4. I have Asus E350m1i with 2x4GB RAM and updated the latest BIOS. But I only have 3GB ram show in my system.