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  1. Thanks, I got it! I'll give a whirl later today and get back to ya. Thanks again!!!
  2. Any update on this? How is your system working?
  3. Greetings everyone... I was just hoping someone might know where I can find Jun's most up-to-date loader files (1.02b is the most current at the time of writing) for VMWare Workstation. I am currently using 1.02a, and I'm concerned about doing the current DSM update while not having the freshest of loader files. Unfortunately, all I can find are iso and img files, which aren't used for Workstation. Any one have a link or something that they could share, that way I can safely update my rig? Thanks in advance! Tom
  4. Yup...ESXi seems to be the way to go. But I also use hyper-v and it works magically...just haven't been able to update DSM in a while due to network driver issues.
  5. thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait for someone to add the proper Hyper-V modules/drivers to Jun's loader. Everything currently boots fine, but there is no network connection. One day...
  6. Hi everybody, I just wanted to start by saying thanks to the devs for creating/maintaining this spk. It rocks. Got a Win8.1 system up and running with ease. However, I do have a few quick questions: 1) Will I be able to rip my DVD/BluRay collection? I know Xpenology doesn't recognize my LG Blu Ray drive, but would my Windows install running within VB? 2) I'm having trouble accessing a shared folder. Haha...hard to get the ripped movie off the vHDD without a shared folder. Is there a trick to it? Or am I just a doofus? Anyways, thanks again for the solid work. Keep on keepin' on.