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  1. Ok we are in business... Using a Minibox M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure with one of their M3-ATX DC-DC Power supplies and an Asrock Q1900-ITX along with a samsung 2TB sata drive. Everything booted right up and pretty much worked out of the box As you can see the system is drawing about 8.5 watts at idle. This little M3-ATX power supply rocks. You can go in via serial and setup how long it waits to book up once the car starts, how long to stay online after the car is turned off and even had low battery voltage protection. I followed the apci thread on these forums and was able to get
  2. Mazeet thanks for the info. I saw that board after I posted. Looks pretty good. I also noticed the new intel Braswell CPUs are close to shipping. Msi just announced their boards. Since I only need a single sata port it looks like the msi board might be a good fit and it's only 6 watts. Check out ... therboards. Thinking the n3050i will be more than enough as I won't be doing any trancoding on the box. Hopefully asrock will announce something soon also. As for power input I want a board that has atx power input as I found an awesome power sup
  3. Hey guys, I just stumbled across this forum. Been a Synology user for a few years now and love it for its simplicity. I work in IT and the last thing I want to do is take care of my media server at home after a long day at work. Anyways we use Video Station a ton for our two young kids to steam movies to either their Apple TV or our old iPad2s. We do a fair amount of long 6-8 hour car trips and download a few movies the iOS DS Video app for the kids to watch in the car. I was thinking of picking up a EDS14 and rsyncing our movie collection to it so the kids could just stream right from th