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  1. Buenas, El 1265-v2 es de los más recomendados (sin tener que hacerle nada "extra" al G8) puesto que tiene un TDP aceptable y son 4 cores. Echa un ojo a esta imagen: En mi caso tengo un 1220 V2 - 69W 4/4 - y no me ha fallado en ningún momento. Cuando compré esto hace un par de años el 1265L tenía un precio prohibitivo así que me tuve que conformar . No lleva modificaciones extra, con componentes de serie en la placa, salvo 16Gb RAM ECC y el ODD para usar SSD en el lector de DVD. Sé que hay gente que sí que ha puesto ventiladores o cambiado disipador y demás
  2. Thanks for the process . I guess yes but I prefer to ask. Can I make the SHR1 in 2 HDDs while my current RAID0 is still in the NAS, and when SHR1 finish, move all disk to the new Volume and format them in SHR1? Thanks again
  3. ... So I will reinstall all like a new xpenology, right?
  4. Hm, can I make SHR1 without lose current information? I guess no... >< Enviado desde mi ONE A2003 mediante Tapatalk
  5. I can't select it (button is disabled) maybe because I have raid0?
  6. Finally I clicked on "repair" and the status changed to "Normal" in all the disks. I did a extended Smart Test on the partially broken HDD and here are the results (I don't understand anything ): Headers: ID | Attribute | Value | Worst | Threshold | Status | Unprocessed data Maybe someone can give me some feedback about the results. Thanks a lot!
  7. Okay! Thanks sbv3000 and brantje. I will buy a 1 x 5tb tomorrow to make a backup and start with the process explained. Hope you are here just in case I have some trouble Thanks again!
  8. I can access the data so I will make a backup as soon as I have 2 x 5tb free with other HDDs What do you mean with Smart test? Use any Syno tool to check it? Thanks for your help, it's being very helpful
  9. This is exactly what happened. It seems something happened with my HDDs, attached some pictures: What do you recommend? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi all, I have a problem with my HP Gen8. A few hours ago I was checking some files from Files manager and I started to notice that something was failing, so I clicked on reboot (from UI, not directy from the machine). Since this, each time I power on, it stucks at "trigger device plug event". I tried to start without HDDs and it works perfectly, asking for any HDD, of course. My specs: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 - Intel Celeron 2.3 GHz, G1610T 2Gb RAM 3 x 5Tb HDD USB stick as boot in motherboard I found some similar threads here but I can't fix it. Hope someone of you c
  11. That generator means that I can put the S/N + any MAC Address in the isolinux.cfg file and it should be working? Sorry for the late reply.
  12. Hi, I'd like to know if exists the possibility to reduce the consumption for my 24/7 HP G8. I mean, I think it is using its total hardware and maybe it can be reduced to use the necessary resources only. Thanks a lot!
  13. I guess with this I will use QuickConnect an WOL without problems, right?
  14. Hi, Currently I am using NOIP service to access to my machine, but I'd like to use QuickConnect to check if it's necessary for me. I've an original serialnumber so I think I can use it if I change it into my HP Gen8, but I don't know exactly where should I change it. Could someone help me? Another question is how to change the MAC address to the original one. I hope someone can help me with this too Thanks a lot!