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  1. Wow, Can't wait to try this with my LSI 9207-8i on ESXi 5.1
  2. Looks like some progress is being made with LSI cards then, I really really need to get my 2308 based card working, I have a Xeon 1230v2 with 32gb RAM and 8x 2tb, SSD's just gagging for Xpenology.
  3. Same here, I want to passthrough LSI 9207-8i in IT mode and Intel Pro 1000/PT dual nic to Synology, this would be a perfect VM
  4. I have converted img to vmdk (Using winimage), can boot synology on ESXi, however I get an error about FTP port being closed, I think this is to do with Synology not picking up my LSI 9207-8i in hardware passthrough.
  5. I've got a SuperMicro Superserver with a 1230v2, 32gb RAM, LSI SAS 2308 in IT Mode and 8x Hitachi 5K3000's, ATP USB SLC SSD for ESXi. Xpenology does run natively on this box, but this machine is overkill. I want to virtualise everything with ESXi 5.1 I have SSD's on hardware RAID for datastore, but can't really find a nice elegant solution for Xpenology for my storage array, I have managed to make a VDI from the IMG, but not sure how to make a proper VMDK for ESXi. I do hope more work continues for this as 4.2 would be amazing as a VM with VT-d passthrough SAS controller
  6. Yes. That works brilliantly to get the MAC correctly programmed. I can get the server to start with a WOL packet from my server. The issue is the shutdown or startup (not sure when the BIOS is being written..from my tests I believe it's only happening as it closes the server down soft). So I can issue the shutdown from the GUI, watch it turn off, then send the WOL packet to start it up. What I notice is that the date then is reset to 2009 in the system and NTP fails to work anymore (messing with it sometimes locks the server up). SSH in to the server shows me the incorrect system date.
  7. Try my BIOS on HP Microserver, and see if you still have problems.
  8. Is it possible to make a *.VDI for ESXi on this version?, I need LSI drivers which no other version seems to support.
  9. How can I get this running with ESXi (vSphere) 5.1, I have a LSI MEGARAID controller in IT mode with hardware passthrough, Xeon 1230v2 and 32gb ram, I also have datastores on RAIDED SSD's, I cannot figure a way to install the *.IMG to a VM? is there a way to do this.
  10. Odd issue here. 2 Boxes, Supermicro Superserver Xeon E3-1230V2 32GB ECC Ram, shows 32GB in DSM 4.2, same USB stick/install and drives moved to a AMD Asus M5A97 (970 Chipset) with 8GB ECC Ram shows as 4GB in 4.2?
  11. Ok this is odd, My SuperMicro SuperServer Intel Xeon 1230v2 shows 32gb ECC Ram in DSM 4.2, but my AMD Asus M5A97 LE 2.0 (970 Chipset) FX-6300 shows 4gb when there is 8gb ECC ram?? Is this an AMD memory addressing issue?
  12. Mac OSX does the same thing on some PC's, but that's due to power management/sleep. Wonder if it's linked somehow too, might be worth looking on hackintosh forums. Maybe there is a kernel switch or grub command you can use.
  13. AMD cost £150 to build The SuperMicro Super Server e3-1230v2 is my main ESXi ZFS Server, Lab box, was just trying DSM on there for fun
  14. What is the issue with Bromolow boards (I have one) Also does anyone know what chipset the real Synology uses? I know the CPU is Sandybridge but I cannot find out what chipset they are based on.