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  1. Thanks for the help either way, can you link the S99PowersavingIntel guide? In regards to WOL, I have never been able to get that working on bare metal personally with my combination of router, I got it semi working over my lan, but could never get wan to route the magic packet to it Did get all my disks online once I picked up a sata power splitter and just split the good connector off
  2. Actually, looks like I'm having some kinda power issue, one of the midway sata power connectors isnt powering any of my drives for whatever reason even though the one that passes through it to the end works fine, and doesn't seem to be over powering the rail, gonna pick up some splitters and work around it
  3. hrm, did you make any changes to the SataPortMap config option? I'm using the same card (SY-PEX40039)
  4. Upgraded on-metal to 6.1 without any data loss. Decided to plug a spare drive in using my Syba card and not seeing any disks on it, anyone had luck using a sata port expander w/ the 6.1 bootloader? Not using the extra ramdisk atm so not sure if that's all I need
  5. Did you have to do 5.2 > 6 > 6.1? Any link to the guise you used is appreciated
  6. anyone managed to do an in-place upgrade from 5.2 to 6.0/6.1 on the q1900 baremetal or is that a huge no-go and you should just backup data, upgrade, and move back?
  7. anyone else running 5.2 had download station search stop working? Mine never gives me any results nowadays
  8. to be clear which version of the bootloader are you on
  9. Oh cool, so do they just upload their footage to the cloud or do they have internal storage you can access too?
  10. See Synology's original website https://www.synology.com/en-global/compatibility/camera Just be aware that the J1900 is not a powerful processor and it might not handle all the camera streams you want. Thanks, yeah I'm not looking for anything too extreme, just wanna keep an eye on my apartment when not home, maybe a secondary one to watch package deliveries at most, I'll look over the list, if anyone has a first hand recommendation feel free to convey
  11. Hey ya'll, I'm interested in adding some security cameras into my place talking to my Xpenology install on a Q1900, could anyone suggest some affordable options which are compatible and easy to deploy (I'm guessing they'd be poe?)
  12. Jurai

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    How's this looking with a q1900-itx?
  13. we really shouldn't have a stickied DO NOT UPDATE TO 5.2-5644 post alongside a Xenoboot 5.2-5644.1 post, it's very confusing
  14. from what I've seen in the other thread it sounds like apps at their latest version are performing checks against serials for validity?