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  1. Hi Just wondering what software are you using to access your NAS outside of your network? Due to restriction at my work I basically need everything to go over port 80 I've had some luck with different 'reverse proxies' for example pound/nginx but I can never seem to get everything working at once. So for example last night i got pound proxying sabnzbd with only a few lines of config but i couldnt get DSM to go (a bunch of javascript files would not load, possibly using absolute paths?) So what have you guys used that you found rock solid, if anything?
  2. thanks for the info this thing is driving me up the wall Are you using a AHCI in the bios? Did you update anything out of the box before installing DSM? Im really clutching at straws now as to why i cant get this working straight off. Cheers
  3. Rusty, can you let me know how much memory you have in your Gen8. Also what brand/spec or hard disk are you using? It's weird, I've removed my SHR disk group and created one basic volume on each disk to test speeds but the speeds are the same on each drive (i have two new drives and one old). So i think that eliminates the disks from the equation. Read speeds over the network are aboyt 75-80MB per seconds so i guess that eliminates the network. I've got an 4GB dimm coming next week so will try with that but from what i've read xponology is meant to be fine with 2gb of memory. Thanks
  4. Hi I've just purchased a HP Gen8 microserver and set up XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.3 for the first time. Unfortunately the performance is not as good as i had hoped. When writing to the share over a gigabit network I'm only seeing write speeds of between 10MB and 30MB a second. I have tried FTP with 6 threads open and this only reaches a peak of 42MB per second. The setup is a diskgroup of 3*3TB drives in a SHR raid with DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4 installed. XPEnoboot is installed on a 4gb usb key plugged into the internal USB port. I've still only got the original 2gb of memory that came with the server, will jumping to 4gb make a difference to write speeds? What is strange is when i am writing a large amount of data to the shared folder i would have expected to have seen one of the performance graphs (utilization) peak in the GUI however CPU is only at say 10-15% , Memory 20% etc Has anyone any ideas on what i could try to get better performance? What kind of write speeds are you getting with your gen8's using what raid type (also how much memory) Any help would be great.
  5. Just about to do this myself. Can you confirm if your drives spin down and hibernate?