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  1. yes followed hongong3's downgrade guide, went from 5.2-5967 to 5.2-5644 then updated to 5.2-5644-Update 8 all back and working fine again... think I will keep on this version for now.
  2. same problem here... I get a UPS Connected Notification very time I boot my NAS up, but I'm unable to enable it anymore in the Hardware & Power settings Also... I can no longer select fan speed in the fan speed mode options
  3. since you need a new version of XPEnoboot with most big-ish updates say from 5.1 to 5.2 never mind going from 5.2 to 6.0 you might want to learn how to setup the update options - Hint: choose important updates only - check for important and security updates only, while retaining the current version of DSM
  4. do you use a dvd drive? if not you could install another 4TB in the dvd bay, if you install the modded bios or 2 in the dvd bay if you use the esata port at the back of the server I have 6 3TB drives installed in my N54L
  5. The process I used to update my G7 N54L Server (going from 5.1-5055 Update 5 to 5.2-5565 Update 1) Power Down Server Take out usb boot drive and update with latest boot image / re-insert usb drive Power On Select XPEnology DSM 5.2-5565 top boot option NOT debug or install/upgrade option wait for it to boot log in via web browser Download DSM 5.2-5565.pat from update and let it reboot log back in via web browser go to control panel - update and restore, check for updates, let it download and install update 1 wait for it to reboot Done
  6. HP N54L works without any problems, also have installed and works fine, a 1u Low Profile USB 3.0 Card from Dynamode - USB-2PCI-3.0-LP from Scan Computers in the UK
  7. set the BIOS to factory defaults before update, make sure you download the BIOS update named 041100113 (which is the latest), set all the correct BIOs settings to allow the 5th port to run at full speed... and away you go..