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  1. Managed to downgrade, upgrade, downgrade, reset passwords, upgrade, do a chicken dance, and now its all working!
  2. Did a quick test, the boot loader seems to be fine. It appears the issue is with the version of DSM that is installed on the volumes.... Is there any way I can force re-install the DSM without losing the settings? I need to head to bed now, will check in tomorrow. Cheers for the help.
  3. Just did another install/upgrade and got the same result again. Is this pooch screwed, or is there any change of resurrecting it?
  4. Any other suggestions? I am starting to get a little worried here.
  5. "XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5565.2.img" is the name of the file I downloaded last night. I might try re imaging the thumb drive and see if that helps. EDIT: I downloaded the image again and re-imaged my thumb drive, same errors on the console, same problem in the web ui.
  6. Following update to 5.2 I can't see HDDs or previous volumes from the WebUI. Network and other settings have stayed. In the console on screen of the machine itself, I have several errors stating 'No valid patch for file /tmpRoot/usr/syno/synoman/webman' Any suggestions?
  7. Any updates on this one? I would love to have SSD caching setup and operating.
  8. Dam, well that's disappointing. Any idea how close it is to being supported?
  9. Hi All, I'm new here so you might have to be patient with me. Just setup XPEnology, and so far I am very impressed. Setup RAID 10 no issues. Setup ISCSI, and connected to ESXi. Performance better than I ever had with Freenas. However, when I went to add the SSD cache to my iSCSI lun, the OS crashes. It sits at mounting for awhile, and then freezes. I have tried disconnecting the lun and setting up the SSD lun, no change. I'm pretty sure all my hardware is supported, as all HDD's show up, and aparet from this, perform fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?