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  1. Hi to all, AsRock Q2900-ITX motherboard here (slightly different from Q1900). With 6.2.1 DSM + Jun v1.04b - DS918 (UEFI Mode) + Real MAC & S/N everything was fine, including video hw transcoding. With 6.2.2 DSM System is not booting anymore. With 6.2.2 DSM + Jun v1.04b - DS918 (UEFI Mode) + IG-88 extra.lzma (here) is working but only with recovery package. Software transcoding also not working. CPU usage is very low and I get black screen on video station. Any solution to fix it? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. Just upgraded from DSM 5.1-5022 to DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4. I have an old APC UPS with no usb port... But since my mobo have serial port, i have connect it that way. On the previous version this worked fine. However with the new version of DSM the UPS is not detected any more. In order to work this setup on the previous version i have make a change to /usr/syno/etc/ups/ups.conf: [ups] driver = apcsmart port = /dev/ttyS2 #community = name #snmp_version = v2c #mibs = auto #secName = Synology #secLevel = noAuth
  3. Hello everyone. I have setup a XPenology box using a M/B asrock q2900-itx, 2x WD Red HDD 2 TB in raid 1 configuration, XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.3 and latest DSM 5.1 update 4. I bought another 2x WD Red HDD 2 TB and i want to change the raid type to raid 5. When i choose Manage --> Change raid type and select the raid 5 option at the storage manager, nothing happens. This is the logs from var/log/messages: Diskstation> cat messages Mar 29 16:33:55 Diskstation volumehandler.cgi: space_disk_data_partition_clean.c:44 [info] Clean data partition on /dev/sdc Mar 29 16:33:56 Di