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  1. FYI the OVF for VMware workstation has issue for me that package centre doesn't work. On the vm console its complaining about error 6 to do with libcrypto1.0.0. Others have noticed same on esxI and mentioned recompile of ssl. Anyone got package centre going with the OVF above?
  2. Grayer - Im having the same problem. Could you list the steps to do this (I'm more a windows person so a realy dummy reference would be great)
  3. Hi, I'll see if I can get the ESXI version of 4.2 to work using a post made by Tuatara. If I can get the 200mb vmdk to make the machine boot that's a good start. I will post back here if I have any luck. In the mean time if anyone else has a OVF running 4.2 on vmware workstation 9 - post away pls