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  1. Couldnt sleep, so I 6.2.2 drivers.... and guess what............. :)))))))) The Realtek is working. Two Ethernetports up and running. Thank you ! Can sleep again.
  2. Damn. The PCI card caused the PC not to shutdown /reboot.... Removed it again. Can live with 1 ethernet port for now Thanks everybody for helping out
  3. Yes... It is the Intel. The Realtek isnt working. So, I deactivated the onboard and plugged in another Intel CT. But this one is a PCI-Version. Same 1GB chip. Do I have to rebuild the stick and do the migrate? A simple reboot didn't work.
  4. Do you mean I should swap it? This is how it is set up right now: set mac1=5404A6BF1E9B set mac2=6805CA0B503A
  5. Just checked the MAC. Belongs to ASUStek
  6. Not sure if I'm using dmesg correctly but weird output for eth0. [ 17.499125] e1000e 0000:03:00.0 eth0: registered PHC clock [ 17.499128] e1000e 0000:03:00.0 eth0: (PCI Express:2.5GT/s:Width x1) 68:05:ca :0b:50:3a [ 17.499129] e1000e 0000:03:00.0 eth0: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection [ 17.499142] e1000e 0000:03:00.0 eth0: MAC: 3, PHY: 8, PBA No: E46981-007 [ 18.944322] device eth0 entered promiscuous mode [ 18.945217] device ovs_eth0 entered promiscuous mode [ 20.033999] device eth0 left promiscuous mode [ 20
  7. It is as you said. I updated quickly and didn't check before if 2 ethernet ports were there with the old version. Will give 6.2.2 drivers a try. Thanks
  8. Gigabit LAN PCI-E Express Intel 10/100/1000 CT Desktop Adapter EXPI9301CTBLK
  9. Gigabit LAN PCI-E Express Intel 10/100/1000 CT Desktop Adapter EXPI9301CTBLK
  10. It is the famous gigabit ct one..
  11. Hi Using 1.03b 3615xs loader with onboard NIC and Intel NIC as pci-e. Grub.cfg has correct mac1 and 2. Interfaces set to 2. During boot and installazion both NICs get IP addresses. Installation is running using port1, the onboard NIC.. After installation is finished, everything is fine but the second ethernet port is gone. Onboad is Realtek. 2nd is Intel. Recreated the USB and the NAS successfully migrated again. But still no Intel Any ideas?
  12. kewag

    Max amount of HDD

    Btw, my card is a 6port MZHOU PCIe. Sata cables included. I could live with less speed. Wanted to connect hdds with less importance. Trying the mini pcie. Maybe...
  13. kewag

    Max amount of HDD

    oh..... didn't know that. Kinda sucks. Going to remove the SSD then to get the last needed HDD to work :((((((( Or maybe I'm going to rebuild everything and use another board with additional pcie slots... Damn Thanks for the info