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  1. simono5

    HP MicroServer gen10

    Thank you Hoidoi thats really generous of you. I'll check my card over the weekend and let you know.
  2. simono5

    HP MicroServer gen10

    @hoidoiI've got a Gen10 and just got a HP NC360T Dual NIC. Looking to upgrade using1.03b - DS3615xs - 6.2.1-23824. For the life of me I can't find the MAC address for the new card in the Bios. Can you advise how I find the MAC for the NC360T please so I can create a new book USB. Thanks for your help.
  3. Think you'll need a new USB as the Mac address on the Gen8 will be different. Also serial number I'd guess.
  4. For anyone thats interested. The migration from 54L to Gen10 was straight forward. 1. Create new boot image on new USB (Jun 1.03b - DS3617xs) 2. Transfer drives from 54L to Gen10 (same order as in 54L) 3. Insert boot USB into motherboard 4. Change BIOS to boot from USB and "UEFI with CSM module" = DISABLED and "Boot Mode" = Legacy only 5. Boot Gen10 and use Synology Assistant to find NAS 6. Was prompted to Migrate NAS, I used PAT file DSM_DS3617xs_23739.pat 7. Create admin account and set-up Gen10 as needed Not too concerned tha
  5. I've got a Gen10 on order. Read enough on here to see that people have it running DSM. Arrives tomorrow so will post how I go. I did look at second hand Gen8 but the prices on ebay were ridiculous.
  6. My 54l has just gone pop and I'd like to know the answer to this too. Did you have any luck @Turbine-7?
  7. Thank you both. I stuck at it, recreated my boot USB, pressed keys as it booted and finally got the Reinstall option. First time didn't force the pat file update but tried again and uploaded the pat file. So I'm back in, lesson learnt and setting up my NAS from scratch with all data still present. Thanks for your advise, really appreciate it.
  8. Jun's official v1.02b on a HP Micro Server. Thanks
  9. When I restart the NAS with a monitor plugged in the first screen I get to; "This mod is brought to you by Jun.....etc, etc" Not sure how to invoke the reinstall option.
  10. Good advise. Can you point me to a guide for this please? I'm running Jun's official v1.02b on a HP Micro Server
  11. Hopefully someone can help me. As default I have the main 'Admin' account de-activated. Last night I started to use LastPass and went to update my DSM password which I did successfully through the DSM GUI. Unfortunately it looks like LastPass didn't capture my new password and therefore I have no idea what it is and unable to log in via the Admin account (as disabled) or my main account (password not known). I've checked and double checked LastPass and also checked that Chrome hasn't captured the password. What options do I have to ga
  12. Guide now here; Than you Poechi
  13. Hi everyone, I just can't get my head around what I need to do to get power saving working on my HP54L. Could someone document a step by step idiots guide please? Thanks for your help.