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  1. Hey, I am glad to have You to ask for solutions to my fiddelings. 1. WOL on my new N54L worked right out of the box (4.2 - 3211 Microserver Version) but, after a while, lets say 30 minutes, I can't wake it anymore. Does anyone can give me a hint what is the matter here? 2. Opposite to my PC, my ESATA port does not work. I dont even get it as an internal port. Is that normal and has to be fixed by changing the port number? Thanks a lot!!! Hans
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    Hallo alle! Hab nen komisches WOL Problem. Bei mir funzt WOL super...aber nur bis ca. 30 min nach dem "Abschalten" meines N54L HP Microservers. Danach kann ihn weder meine Fritzbox noch meine WOL-Tools im Handy oder PC aufwecken. Würde mich sehr freuen wenn jemand wüßte woran das liegt und wie ich es beheben kann. Vielen Dank!
  3. ::SOLVED:: I realized that the order is not from left to right...its the opposite in my case. So the first SATA-port ist the last zero. Meaning instead of 1000000000100 (=0xff004) I had to change the third zero to 1 and got "0x1200" meaning 1001000000000! Now it works... I am so happy. Thanks anyway +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I test internalportcfg="0x1e" esataportcfg="0x21" with N36L, the DSM cann't show the harddisk when plug into the slot1. so i use internalportcfg="0xf",esataportcfg="0x30" is ok. I try to set usbportcfg="0x3fc0" (8 usb port), DSM can show the usb disk ,but it will get error message when i eject it. ::Solved:: Hey guys, I am glad you are out there an maybe you have an helpful hint for me. I am using my old Abit Ab9 Pro Motherboard and it worked mostly out of the box. Now I am facing a weird problem with my E-SATA port. If I connect HDD's to it it seems to be recognized as intern harddrive. The Storagemanager tells me "not initialized" and the SMART-test says everything fine. There is also only my USB-Stick shown in the extern connection list. Reading the post above I tried to understand what to do. After hours it is still not working. Do you have a clue why? My Board seems to have 10 SATA ports (6+2+2). The Silicon 3132 onboardchip is providing the last two SATA-ports and one of them is E-SATA. The Storage-manager lists my E-SATA-drive as drive number 10...this seems to fit to me. Checking the internalportcfg got me 12 ports (I assumed the Synology version I am using is originally a 12 Bay NAS. I left it this way then I checked the esataportcfg und found „0xff000" meaning As Binary: 11111111000000000000. I concluded these 12 zero equal the 12 ports (assuming the most rigth zero is number 12) ... meaning non of them is enabled as extern SATA. Then I changed to "0xff004" meaning 11111111000000000100 in both fileversions to switch on port number 10. Even after rebooting nothing changed. This time I removed the introducing one's and got "0x1004" meaning 1000000000100. But still no effect. Could you please tell me what and where I have to change to get it work!? Thank you very much! Regards hanspeter ::SOLVED::