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  1. So I got an email back, indeed the disk will be attached to /dev/vd[a-z]. So somewhere in the kernel we need to enable to look for disk at /dev/vd[a-z]. Any ideas where this should be? Arjan
  2. Hi all, Using this link I am atampting to run XPEnology in the cloud. Unfortunately the bootimage is not recognising the harddisk. After some research on both my VM on my laptop (on which XPEnology is running fine) and my NAS (Synology), could it be true that the the bootimage is only looking at devices at /dev/sd[a-z] and so does not recognise a device at /dev/vd[a-z]? (differece being physical and virtual devices). I can imagine the guest in virtualbox does not know it being virtualised and so attaches the disk to /dev/sda, while at my cloudprovider (cloudvps; from which I also received above url) probably attaches it to /dev/vda. Also note that in the url 'vdb' is mentioned, obviously i have tried many options including: /dev/vdb, /dev/vda, vdb, vda, /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. An email has been sent to support to get the probably unfortunate confirmation that drives will be attached to /dev/vd[a-z]. So in conclusion: is my assumption true? (only recognising devices at /dev/sd[a-z]) And if zo, could we (or could someone help me/point me in the right direction) fix this? Many thanks in advance, hope to hear something soon Arjan