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    Upgrade from 5.0-4493U4 to 5.1-5022U3

    Resources enough.. Already have a 5.1 VM running for testing etc. The older vm has vpn installed, own ssl certificate and custom ddns running. Was hoping I didn't need to do that again as it was quite some work.. But maybe it's indeed safer to build a new vm with backup of settings and rebuild vpn, ssl and ddns. And if all is working remap the disks. How can i remap the disks? Just disconnect the vmdk's from old vm, move them and add them to the new vm? As easy as that? Does it recognize the SHR and everything only by adding them to the new vm?
  2. Hello all, I am currently running an XPenology NAS on my ESXi lab with DSM 5.0-4493U4. It functions perfect! But I would like to upgrade to the new DSM version 5.1-5022U3. What is the best method with as low risks as possible of losing any data or settings? I can't seem to find an tutorial for that... Thanks! Nubje