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  1. Problem Solved: no space was needed between code
  2. hello can somebody please help? I have tries to install XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.2 three time and every time I get to the install screen to install .pat file it loads restarts and displays connection failed lost configuration. So I decided to try nanoboot 5.o and the same thing occurs. I actually lost my RDMs from my expenolgy 4.3 install during this whole fiasco, my error due to frustration. The only thing i can think I am doing wrong is possibly putting a space between the last word when I add "rmmod=ata_piix" but I just dont seem correct to shove "rmmod=ata_piix" directly to the last word without a space. Im going to a pic of my settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated! P.S. guess not! Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached. Link to the pic: