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  1. Thanks and I'll try that. I'm positive enough that it might just do the trick!
  2. I'd like to know on how we can use that please. Or just a confirmation that it;'s possible.
  3. Would be very nice if this was written in English as other users might be able to help.
  4. Who doesn't want headaches for a change and just have a thing plug in and play!
  5. Hi delars, have you edited /etc/synoinfo.conf as shown above yet?
  6. Hi guys, do we really need to have version 5.5 for this?
  7. Thanks buddy! Trying that one out on my end and hopefully it goes through then.
  8. I think that might just be it. But I haven't tried this out yet though.
  9. Sorry I git lost here but where are the steps? Link please?
  10. Please share if anyone has already set this up. I've been trying set this up myself too.
  11. Would be nice if this was written in English so other users would be able to understand.
  12. I think I have attempted to disable it last month but found no joy. Anyone please?
  13. Hi Wurstbaum, any news yet if you might have missed a single step here?
  14. Trying the update next week. Fingers crossed.