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  1. Super curious if it is possible to run this new surveillance software that has facial recognition and plate recognition on a white label box. I have a small (legal) grow and am looking for a cheap way to make sure no one that doesn't belong on the property is on the property.
  2. I've been gone a little while. Seems like we used to have a thread here that talked about the latest flashes (taken from synology) that worked... can't find it anymore. I'm assuming 6.1.4-15217 is not safe to flash until told otherwise. Figured there was no harm in asking though.
  3. Have a ReadyNAS Business Pro 6 and a Buffalo Terastation 5400DN both took Update 5 smoothly no issue.
  4. I'm sorry I haven't checked back to answer you. Glad you found it. ReadyNAS Business Pro, and also have a Buffalo Terrastation 5400DN both running xpenology.
  5. I mean that literally. one of my xpenology array's is named Earth Very grateful to this community and the folks that run this forum, and contribute to the xpenology project. Being able to turn my old readynas into a useful device has been very rewarding both from a nerd project perspective and from a daily use perspective. So thank you.
  6. Something else to note for all of you looking for a cheap way to get into a nice Synology RAID Array. I have the RNDP6000 unit (it's a 6 bay Ready Nas Pro Business model). It's VERY old like 7 years old. I don't even know what max capacity on it is... but I have 6 5TB drives in right now running the latest XPENOLOGY with 6.1.3 update 4. It's running like a raped ape. Completely compatible. I bet you can find used diskless units for cheap and throw some drives in it and save thousands. Also something to note you do have to pick up a little ribbon cable to svga plug for it. Open the case and put the plug on some pins and you have Video. That's the only thing for setting it up the first go around. (Just looked on ebay and one sold for 235 in August.)
  7. 1.01 caused the issue, and 1.02b for the ds3615 solved the problem
  8. I appreciate the offer. I actually just fixed it and I'm at Update 4 successfully. For those of you that run into this problem... my issue was solved because I inadvertently downloaded the wrong version of the bootloader. Make sure you are on the right version I didn't figure it out until I went through it all step by step and realized that I downloaded the wrong version. Everything is running smooth like a cucumber. Get updated to Update 4 though. My system started saying there were bad sectors on two of my drives (which was absolutely not the case). When I updated to update 4 I did not have that issue.
  9. I have a readynas (old 6 bay array) one of the original "ReadyNas business edition" versions. Been running 5.5 fine. I had to replace some drives recently and I figured I'd run this tutorial. Followed it exactly but when it reboots after loading .pat file it says recover. I click recover and it says repairing 1%... 2% then it says "rebooting array" and then doesn't actually reboot anything (I believe). Just keeps going back to recover. Synology Assistant says status is "recoverable" Any thoughts guys? I had the no problem with any of the steps or finding any of the info (such as USB id/etc..)
  10. I figured you guys grabbed the beta and started your work internally so you were ready when the final launched. If you got lucky and everything was golden you would be ready to release it to the community. This is particularly relevant if you start charging for your releases (as hinted at in the survey we filled out). I would definitely be willing to pay for full version upgrades but if I did there would be an expectation that it was handled professionally (etc.. etc..). Anyway love what you are doing.
  11. For all of you following the release of the DSM 6 beta - I was just notified that they are not going to release it as scheduled. It's been pushed back (at least several WEEKS) now.
  12. I'm trying to setup data replication using two different xpenology boxes. The problem I'm running into is mariadb (MySQL) needs to be started with --log-bin[=name] at run time to enable the binary logging. https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/activ ... inary-log/ Any thoughts on how I would do that? I'm kind of banging my head up against the wall right now. Any help would be appreciated.
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