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  1. I managed to enter the Bios of my ReadyNAS Pro 6. Right there i can choose the boot order and also change the fans to "Thermal control". Xpenology starts out of the box without hassle and installing 5.1 Update 2 was no prob at all. But....this damn CMOS reset.... when trying to do a scheduled power on Running XPenology on ReadyNAS was a great experience, but no scheduled power on/off is a no go (for me!). So i gave up
  2. And it would nice to know if its possible to do a schedule Power On/Off.
  3. Hi, any news on that? I'm a total noob with a Readynas Pro 6 and would like to learn how to install Xpenology. But before i start it would be nice to know if fancontrol is possible or not