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    NAS freezing when transfer 15GB+ data

    Hello! I have the same issue!! Have you solved your problem? Thank you, Adrian
  2. It worked! I have expanded the Volume on 5022 without the update, with the New ISO. Thank you for support guys!!!
  3. Thanks! Right now i'm checking parity, and whent it's finished I will try. What I have noticed, is that with 5022 without the update 2, the copy from the Syno Drives, no matter the speed is stable. I didn't need to restart the VM. ( I had to revert to 5022 because 5022 update 2 was stuck on quota check). I will post later the result!
  4. I will test today with the new test image. Curently I have the same issue with a 4*3 TB disk group, expanded to 5*3 TB disk group. The Disk group is extended with 5 disks, but when I expand the volume, it stucks, and after a few hours I can't connect to the synology webpage. Another issue that I have discovered now, is when I copy data from the Synology disks, with more than 70MB/s after 30-40 min the server is not respinding. I can connect on CLI, but the GUI is down, and the mounted drive is not accesible. Configuration: 5*3 TB Disks Hyper-V - Physical HardDrive I have tried to boot from the img( converted to iso, but it didn't boot.) Can you help me with another version? Thank you, Adrian