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  1. davrichard

    DSM 6.x installation on Asrock H97M-ITX

    I finally suceed to install my NAS with the new loader 1.04b for 918 as suggested @Olegin and it works like a charm. Thank you very much for your help guys. David
  2. davrichard

    DSM 6.x installation on Asrock H97M-ITX

    Ok let me try this this evening. I am not currently at home. I will keep you inform.
  3. davrichard

    DSM 6.x installation on Asrock H97M-ITX

    Hi @bearcat , thank you for your answer. Yes I have installed manually the .PAT file.
  4. davrichard

    DSM 6.x installation on Asrock H97M-ITX

    Or may be find an other solution to debug. May be a boot on the screen could be a good thing Thank you for your help
  5. Hello, I am currently trying to install DSM 6.x on my Asrock H97M-ITX motherboard. Here it is the status. I already try to install 6.1 and 6.2 with different status. On 6.1 I succeed to start the installation but after the reboot I could not see my NAS. On 6.2 I failed to start the installation. I think this is because with my BIOS I need to activate UEFI and it seems to not work on 6.2 boot loader. I tryied with differente version (3615, 3617, 915) with the same issues. As far as I do not have serial port on my motherboard, I bought a PCIe Serial card to be have to see the kernel boot but I failed to see it. I booted a live distrib and I saw that the serial port was on ttyS4 so I modified the grub.cfg on my USB stick but not better. Could somebody help me to be able to get the boot process on my serial port ? Thank you in advance