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  1. Yes you are right Andrew! I created the VM's with virtualbox spk from seba, so they are not imported (all 64bit)! Sorry i have no logs from that version, i deinstalled it and installed my spk!
  2. The reboot is immediate! Package from spk-repository did not work because its for 5.0, but it doesnt matter because my spk works very well! Have a nice weekend!
  3. Installed the virtualbox-x64-4.3.12_DSM-5.1_fixed.spk on my "real" Synology! When i start the VM my Synology DS415+ is restarting on its own! My package from this post is working very well on "real" synology boxes Maybe its the exactly reverse situation on "fake" Synologys
  4. Hello everybody, i have made a new package from the seba spk for DSM 5.1 compatible with cedarview, bromolow & avoton architecture If you change the INFO in the spk by yourself it could be also installed on x86 architecture i think! Have fun! There are two german discussions to Virtualbox on Synology here (in german): ... auf-der-DS ... iskstation