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  1. ZAtronik

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Thanks a lot Trantor, so I will wait impatiently for the new release. DSM 6 is coming ...
  2. ZAtronik

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Module size is not relevant because 5.1 modules use kernel 3.2.40 and 5.2 use 3.10.35. I think you found the source for your issue. Maybe VX900 support is not in sata_via but in pata_via. I will try to find some time to compil it EDIT : Here Copy it to /lib/modules/ and insmod it. I'm afraid that if it detect your drive it didn't survive a reboot... Hi Trantor, I did some tests and fumbled on the Web and in fact the problem is the lack of driver "pata_via.ko" in bootloader XPEnobot. Unfortunately, upload it through the "insmod" falls off. This command is not possible for the hard disk that must be handled by the bootloader before it loads the system of Synology. And of course, does not hold reset. Helpful info from wiki: "This driver also supports the SATA controllers in IDE mode included with the VIA chipsets listed: CX700 (1.5GB / s) VX700 (3Gb / s) VX800 (3Gb / s) VX900 (3Gb / s)" Thus, the request to add the driver "pata_via.ko" to the next release XPEnology. I do not know whether to write to Sancome whether it is your part in the project, ie. drivers. PS. unless there is a description of how to compile drivers for Bootlader XPEnology.
  3. ZAtronik

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    When you use XPEnoboot bootloader did you find your system with Synology Assistant ? If yes it's says NO HDD ? VIA VX900 is handle by sata_via which is included and the lan part by via-velocity which is included (but not loaded in my VM setup). Thanks for your interest in the topic. So it is, Synology Assitant says that there is no HDD (not visible) by the application, and through the browser. I compared the driver files from GnoBoot and XPEnology by logging WinSCP, versions of the driver appear to be the same (v2.6), but the files "sata_via.ko" have a different size. Another diffrenece is that GnoBoot found file "pata_via.ko" , wchich XPEnology didn't found. Any suggestions what to check next? Added: VIA chipsets have previous generation controller PATA / SATA Southbridge. In this solution one north-VX900 (multi-bridge) that handles everything. So maybe GnoBoot uses a different driver?
  4. ZAtronik

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Hi Trantor, would help add or explain how to add support for SATA for the VIA VX900 chipset for XPEnology. I am currently working on GnoBoot 10.5. I could not run Synology or on Nanoboot or also XPEnoboot in any version. It did not detect HDD. I work on HP Thin Client T5550 / T5565. Regards.