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  1. Hello again, I have duplicated the scenario with another box powered by Intel D510MO/4GB or 2GB/OnBoard NIC. Next maybe setting up a virtual server running two OSes as a work around. Your input is more than welcome. Thanks for your time reading.
  2. Hello! Q1900-ITX/Kingston KVR16LS11/4GB/On Board 8111GR NIC This box has been working strong 1 year now mainly for p2p downloading and file serving. Speed is great up to 110MB/s. Few days ago it was configured as a web/http server for ipxe booting to WinPE then Windows 10 install. The http file service was hit and miss since day 1. Ruled out network cable, un-managed switch and finally down to this box. It was working so well I'd never thought it be the culprit until one Windows 10 + "HFS ~ HTTP File Server - rejetto.com" was setup yesterday as a substitute and Boom! The smoking gun finally found. This box would serve files right for the 1st time. For the 2nd time it'd take 10 times longer until the install window pops up, then takes forever to launch next step; or simply crashes the client PC directly. The hit and miss makes troubleshooting very difficult, plus when the switch/hub in between gets power-cycled, the OnBoard 8111GR NIC would get re-configured and everything works well for just one time AGAIN. One would think the switch/hub was the cause but it's not. If you're interested, I'd like to invite you to duplicate the scenario and share with us your results. I have one other box that will be setup a few days later to test again. Regards.