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  1. I own a NAS DeLuxe NDL2700ST (Basically a Thecus N7700Pro NAS) but I was really not satisfied with the firmware they developped. This NAS is like Synology basic hardware: Intel Core2Duo 7400 3Gb memory Marvell 88SE64xx raid controller Intel 1Gb nics 7x2Tb SATA disks So I had tried several other NAS OS-es like freeNAS, openmediavault even Windows Storage Server (which at least was able to do the baisc functions I need it for (backup, iCIFS, SCSI and NFS) but it lacked performance (duh). Besides the NAS DeLux I own a RS3413xs+ which I like a lot, not only performance wise but OS like as well. So I tried to load this image on the NAS delux and to my supprise it runs smoothly. The only thing I hope for is an upgrade to DSM 4.2 with the smae drivers as in this firmware, so any plans on releasing a 4.2 build 3211++ ? grtx Johan