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    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hi, I finally bought a Asrock Q1900DC. My setup: ASRock Q1900dc-ITX Power adapter 90W RAM : 4GB (1DIMM) 2x3TB WD RED Windows 8.1 Pro on a WD Black 2,5" 7200tr/min (not my first choice, but impossible to boot on USB 3.0 stick Windows To Go, i don't know why ...) Nanoboot with VMware Workstation 11, RAM : 1,5GB 2xTB WD RED setup in SATA / physical drive RAID 0 With DSM Ethernet cables are 5e Zyxel EMG2926 router It works. I can use it for both HTPC (important for me) and NAS. But when I write on NAS (W7 PC, Gigabit, with SSD ==> NAS, big file >5GB) speed is "only" ~ 60MB/s (max 70). HTPC not "active" of course. NAS ==> PC : 30MB/s I tried with 2 PCs W7, same result. (With 1 disk, PC==NAS, speed is 50-55MB/s NAS ==> PC, 30MB/s) I tried this command : time dd if=/dev/zero of=/volume1/bigfile bs=64k count=65536 Result : 15,37s ==> 266,5 MB/s and time dd if=/volume1/bigfile of=/dev/null Result : 15,91s ==> 257,5 MB/s I really don't understand why speeds are so slow with SMB... Does anyone have an idea? Bad setup in VMware ? Router ? Thanks for your help ! EDIT : same results (exactly) with FTP
  2. B81

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hi, Thank's a lot ! Informations on this forum help me a lot. I'm thinking about buying a Q1900DC-ITX. is it possible to install DSM (bare-metal) with an HDMI port ? Can I use the hdmi port to play video (on my TV) with DSM ? (maybe with XPEnoboot 5.1 ?) If not, do you think it's a good idea to install DSM with hyper-v or VMware in order to play video with windows ? Thank you again. And sorry, my English is not so good.