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  1. The "issue" above does not seem to affect VMWare Workstation. So I guess its only a VirtualBox problem.
  2. nevermind. I gave up on VirtualBox and switched to VMware Workstation which worked instantly
  3. I think there is an error in the following file: /.xenoboot/rc.d/xpenology The specified path does not exist: source /.xenoboot/rc.init Probably it should read? source /.xenoboot/rc.d/init Maybe this is the issue which leads to "Execution Error" on Startup (see attached file)
  4. I tried using "Linux 3.x 64bit" however the error still exists. VirtualBox is configured to use "Host-Only Networking" to ensure that it is not trying to "talk" to Synology directly. The error comes up directly after choosing the *.pat file for upload. Is there any way to set up the inital installation of xpenology from Diskstation Shell? I have attached the /var/log/Messages file after the Installation via Webinterface failed messages.7z
  5. Hi, I am trying to install XPEnology within VirtualBox 4.3.20 running on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. However Initial Install using either the Synology Assistant or the WebInterface fails with: "Please contact support" I have tried using IDE and SATA Controllers for the HDDs but it still fails. Any Idea what is happening here? Do I need to change the SN and/or MAC? Source Files / Tutorial: X64 XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.2 (DS3615xs) DSM 5.1-5022 (Main) Regards