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  1. Loader: Jun's v1.02b DSM: 6.1.3 U6 - DS3615xs No custom modules/ramdisk. Motherboard: Asrock Q1900-ITX Integrated NIC: Realtek RTL8111GR Integrated SATA: 2 ports by ASMedia ASM1061. The other two i have no clue, but they work just fine. Extra Sata card: Syba SATA III 4 Port PCI-e x1 Controller with Marvell 88SE9215 chipset
  2. I used the test image to expand my volume with a 4th hd and it went well. Later I expanded with a 5th hd without any trouble. I now tried to expand with a 6th hd and it didn't go well. The same problem I had with expanding before the test image. Any suggestion why i could expand 2 harddrives ok, but not the last one? Edit: I also can no longer access my usb thumb drive, from inside dsm. And I have not ejeted it. Can it be some conflict somewhere?
  3. Just started to expand my 1st system with a 4th disk. In a day or 2, I will know if it worked for me as well.
  4. I live only 80min from Gothenburgh. My wifes parents lives there, so we visit every now and then, Might take you up on that beer. As to the config files I haven't done any changes to them. I powered the nas down and looked in the Bios. Turns out I am runnig all default. All Changes i made prior to the bios update seems to have reverted back to default. I was so eager to get the new hw up and running so I forgot that little thing after the update. Have you tried a factory reset? I hade to do that after 2 days, because some services began to fail. Couldn't find what caused i
  5. Wow.. Not so often. Maybe 1 or twice in a couple of month and a reboot is required afterwards. What version of DSM do you use?
  6. Have you tried to clear CMOS? Yup. I just don't get this. The web interface dies, I can't find it in Synology assistant, but my router is connected (but doesn't show the name of the Nas) and I can log in with a keyboard. The disk has been stress-tested in other machine. Two PSUs are tested. Three components remain: MB, USB stick and RAM. My suspects (in order) right now: 1) RAM 2) Bios settings 3) Our cat 4) Evil demons Maybe I should try a new stick of SDRAM before getting exorcism for dummies from Amazon... Cheers! I think the network dropout can be a driver issue.
  7. I get 17W idle with a bronze psu. With a titanium psu which must have at least 90% effectivity at 10% load, then you can probably match those figures.
  8. If you have 2 memory sticks, try removing one of them and test the system. Be sure to have the only memory stick in the right slot according to the manual. If the problem is still there, change the one stick with the other and do a new test. If it doesn't help, then at least you can rule out the memory. Which psu do you have? Intel only has one 600W Corsair (GS600) on their list to be Haswell ready. You have to select coulumn "12V min-load 0A" to Yes to filter out Haswell ready psu. Quote fråm Corsair: "According to Intel's presentation at
  9. Can your psu handle such low loads? If not the system can get very unstable. With 3 WD RED 4TB, 4GB Ram, my system draws 17w at idle and 33W during normal load. I'm using a Silverstone 300W 80+ Bronze psu.