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  1. The driver for your card is : ixgbe I have no access to a xpenology setup right now but I pretty sure that this module is included but missing dependency. Install/boot your setup with a classic 10/100/1000 network card, use ssh to load mdio module then ixgbe. If it's working you have to edit line 310 of /etc/rc and /etc.default/rc to automatically load drivers, Change : NET_DRIVERS="dca e1000e i2c-algo-bit igb be2net ixgbe tn40xx" To : NET_DRIVERS="dca e1000e i2c-algo-bit igb be2net mdio ixgbe tn40xx" Thanks so much Trantor, all good now with 10gb goodness
  2. Any chance of this getting added?? I've got a intel X520-T2 also, would that work?
  3. Can drivers be added for Intel® 10 Gigabit AT Server Adapter. Trying to use two of these between two comp Driver Link Thanks
  4. would love the patched ss as well