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  1. After a power outage my synology server tries to run a parity check but it always freezes at 4.13% and it stays that way for hours. Is there any known reason why? Is there anything I can do? Thanks guys
  2. Did you guys pay attention to the order in which you connected the hard drives? Or is that not important?
  3. And is the Synology software clever enough to recognise if 2 HDDs are switched. If the order of HDDs is changed can Synology still recognise a RAID (or SHR1/2) configuration?
  4. Does PLEX support hardware transcoding at all?. Would adding a GPU help? I didn't take into consideration to only upgrade the CPU since there not many AM3 CPUs considerably faster. And the TDP for some is 125W.
  5. Mainboard: GA-MA790GP-DS4H (rev. 1.0) CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9550, 4x 2.20GHz (CPU Bench: 2556)
  6. Hi all, I'm new to all this so please take it a little easy on me. I setup a DIY NAS with 12 HHDs. Volume 1: 3x2TB JBOD Volume 2: 9x3TB SHR 1 Specs: - AMD AM2 CPU 4core - AMD AM2+ Mainboard - 4 GB DDR2 - Gigabit LAN - 550W PSU Recently i noticed that the system is a little slow for my needs. (PLEX live video transcoding) Here is my question: Is it possible to change the hardware (CPU, MoBo, RAM) without having to re-install everything or at least without losing the data? Thanks for your advice.
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