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  1. Looking good Schnapps! Final attempt at bare metal here now. A fresh install has been up and running for 7h. My previous record is 14h so crossing fingers. Edit: And, after 14h or so it crashed. I found this in the logs: Feb 17 05:29:25 Simcoe kernel: [50287.631823] sched: RT throttling activated Feb 17 08:38:21 Simcoe kernel: [61601.986647] ------------[ cut here ]------------ Feb 17 08:38:21 Simcoe kernel: [61601.986660] WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:255 dev_watchdog+0x220/0x230() Feb 17 08:38:21 Simcoe kernel: [61601.986663] Hardware name: Synoden RT throttling activat
  2. Thanks for the moral support guys I installed win 7 and performed 12h stress tests. Guess what, no errors. So, system is stable. I've been thinking about Hyper-V, but in that case it has to double as my main Win machine (on a Mac otherwise) and do HTPC and medium gaming tasks at the same time. Is this a bad idea? This of course need other HW. Having ruled out "all" possible problem sources (I've asked the cat and hey, demons LOVE Win 7) a fresh install on a new disk is probably the last resort.
  3. Thanks again Rockfire. I see you're a fellow Swede- if you ever pass Gothenburg I'll buy you a beer. Any settings in config. files or BIOS I might have missed? New SDRAM module installed and still no luck so it's give up time. Sad because I really liked my system when it worked..
  4. Thanks Rockfire, I really appreciate it! How long between your network dropouts and does is need a reboot afterwards? My box crashes consistently within an hour or so.
  5. Have you tried to clear CMOS? Yup. I just don't get this. The web interface dies, I can't find it in Synology assistant, but my router is connected (but doesn't show the name of the Nas) and I can log in with a keyboard. The disk has been stress-tested in other machine. Two PSUs are tested. Three components remain: MB, USB stick and RAM. My suspects (in order) right now: 1) RAM 2) Bios settings 3) Our cat 4) Evil demons Maybe I should try a new stick of SDRAM before getting exorcism for dummies from Amazon... Cheers!
  6. New PSU which is certified for Haswell and no luck. Trying to replace the RAM next. Cheers! .A
  7. Thanks Rockfire! I would never have looked at the PSU as a problem otherwise. I've arranged for a exchange of the PSU and will go from there. I'm also thinking about installing Linux or Win7 on a SSD to test long term stability to rule out any HW errors. But everything point to HW problems I think. If all things fail I might go for a Pentium G3528 and run Hyper-v. Cheers!
  8. B81: No way to play video in bare metal. HDMI is enabled but you will only see boot screen. My problem is back. 14h+ without a problem and then the system hangs. I have to unplug power to be able to boot back to DSM.software, but XPEnoboot finishes without problem after each reset. This points to a HW error?
  9. Thanks Rockfire. The system was would crash completely I think if the voltage wasn't stable. It's a quality PSU so I think it's ok. It's been a nightmare getting this system up and running: it took 4h just to realise that an ethernet port on the router was bad, another 4h to find the bad SATA cable (shame on you Asrock). Install, upgrade, downgrade... What made it work was to disable everything not used by a Synology Nas in BIOS. In hindsight it makes sense... It's been rock solid for 14h and 1TB of transfers now.
  10. Hey. New, Swedish guy here. I running 5.1 5022 on a Asrock q1900 in a Node 304 case (thanks for the inspiration Schnapps ) and it's not very stable at all. It time-outs when trying to access files, time machine backup fails, download station won't accept magnet links.. At the same time I can access the GUI so the box isn't completely dead. Also it comes back to life for a short while, only to "hang" again. Running bare metal with latest bios on a q1900-ITX, Corsair 600W, single WD RED 3TB, 2GB PC3-8500. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers