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  1. Hi dodo-dk, I just tried your updated package, thanks to you and thanks again to Seba. But with is spk, on a real ds415+ NAS, the NAS... crashes ! EDIT // Never mind, just installed the updated kernel package you provided on your blog, it works now (but notice that you don't have to reboot the nas, in the package manager the option "start"/"stop" works well)
  2. Same here. You can try this on your NAS, it may help you : /var/packages/virtualbox/target/scripts/ start (-> supposed to say "done") /var/packages/virtualbox/target/scripts/ status (-> "started" or something like that) /var/packages/virtualbox/target/scripts/ stop (-> failed !) And if you call VBoxHeadless binary, it will display an error message saying that the Kernel module isn't available. Perhaps you should recompile Vbox with the newest toolchains ? (tried on DS415+... so with an x86_64 Atom Avoton CPU)
  3. Hi everyone ! First, let's thank Seba for this awesooome work. Next, let's talk about... issues This package seems broken on DSM 5.1 environment, it's probably because the kernel module isn't compatible with the machine's Linux Kernel. Seba (... stien ? are you french ? ), are you still working on this package ? Perhaps you could post the package creation process so the community could help you ? Thanks in advance, take care ! Trublion