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    Used Xpenoboot to 5.1-5022.1 but did not use pat file

    After doing some more research on the forum, I was wondering if it would be possible to use the nanonoot 5.0-4528 ing file and matching pat to downgrade back to 5.0 and then redo the upgrade to 5.1. Can anyone comment if this would work ? Thanks again, ingo
  2. Hello, I just followed the tutorialy on to uprgate to 5.1-5022.1. Unfortunatley I did not select the manual installation using the pat file as described. Instead the installation downloaded (I assume from synology) and continued with the installaton. The NAS is up fine and reports now 5.1-5022, but I assume I will run into issues soon. Is there any chance to redo the migration using the pat file next time ? Any help or advice is greatly appreaciated Thanks Ingo