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  1. Seba, When I extracted the .spk file and than extract the package.tgz file. I found the directory with the KO files and replaced them. Repackaged using tar -cvf package.tgz * it created a new package.tgz file. Than I recompiled the .spk file using tar -cfv VBox.spk * I get the new SPK. I show the files move into the correct directory on the Synology but they don't work. When I do an SCP and overwrite the files and reboot the Diskstation they work correctly. Secondly; i'm sorry i am compiling the SPK to run on a DS153 and DS1515 not the VirtualBox I apologize for the confusion.
  2. I am not able to figure out how to repackage the file and make it work. I replace the .ko files in the package than repackage the tgz. Recreate the SPK and it installs but will not start. It seems that it is grabbing information from another location. I can replace the .ko files with the new kernels though that were provided and it works perfectly fine. /shrug. I will break apart all the files tonight and try to figure it out. Also, i put together a fast blog to explain how to copy files over using SCP - It's a pain. http://rysnas.com/wordpress/ Seba could you be of help with this sir?
  3. @all I have a Virtual Windows XP with Bridged Network, but the Windows don't become a IP from Router. Static IP works, but very very slow to connect. Somebody any idea? Turn off Windows Firewall; Once I turned windows firewall off and made sure I was not bridging to a bonded connection the DHCP router picked up the Windows Machine and I had no problems since logging in or out.
  4. Here is a link Guys. Seba I left your name on it for the credit. I just updated the files and repackaged. If you want this removed just leave a message or email and I will remove ASAP. This package will now work with DSM 5.1 on Synology DS 1513+ and DS1515+ tested on both systems. Enjoy Thanks guys i will be back with an update link.
  5. Yup after replacing the files it worked! If Seb don't mind I can recreate the SPK file... I will have this posted on the blog in a bit with download links too. Unless you guys want to do this another way - totally up to you! thanks so much for your help!
  6. System will not allow me to PM you but can you email me the info @ ryan@rysnas.com Thanks sir!
  7. You got further than I did with it over the weekend.
  8. I think i check this post on a daily basis to see if there has been an update