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  1. Hello, Since a couple of weeks i experience problems playing files from my videostation on my android phone - or iphone. within my network ( wifi ) it is working. but over 3-g / 4-g it is not working. what i did so far: 1. checked on 2 different mobiles ( android/ iphone) 2. checked on different providers 3. i checked my router settings and settings on my synology. these seems to look ok. any advice or help is welcome. thank you running : xpenology`s DS3612xs - DSM 5.0-4528 on HP microserver Gen8
  2. sayangjoy

    How to Upgrade from 5.0.4528

    Hello All. Im running xpenology on my hp gen8 microserver. though this version of dsm is old and have some issues with streaming video to my mobile devices i would like to upgrade to the latest version. i didnt find any bootimages anymore on the nl site and cant find m here so i would kindly ask for assistance. and ofcourse is it possible to upgrade from 5.0 4528 to the latest version. how to ? please advice me or pm me for help or assistance, thanks Sayangjoy