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  1. Well after giving up on this a long time ago due to problems every time I tried upgrading my DSM version from 5.1 I finally gave it another try on DSM 5.2-5644 and finally had a successful upgrade. I followed Trantor's suggestion and it worked flawlessly with ax88179_178a on DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5. Thank you!
  2. Got the info from forum threads, no tutorial, was mostly guesswork, trial and error. Can't remember what threads and don't remember the exact steps. As I never got it to work I may have been doing it completely wrong anyway. Too busy with work to spend the time to figure it all out again. Sorry, I know that's not much help.
  3. Nope. Even tried getting the drivers into a release via the driver request page. I got an AX88179 adapter to test with but couldn't get it to work, gave up in the end. No idea if current xenoboot works as I can't get any version above 5.1-5022.3 to work without trying a clean install. I probably still have the files I tried with somewhere but don't think they would work with current builds. I assume there is still no support for usb3.0 gigabit adapters. (Would love to be proven wrong)
  4. Done everything in this thread to get this driver working with DSM 5.1 (5022.2) and it works uptil the point I do 'ifconfig eth1 up' at which point the Xpenology reboots as soon as I issue the command.
  5. Please add support for ANY USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter. Did already attempt to drum up interest in this with no success. Even tried compiling driver for someone to test. AX88179 seems the most common chipset. This is my original thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5260 Suggested chipsets : AX88179 and RTL8153 AX88179 chipset driver download: ... CE.tar.bz2 Manufacturer driver downloads I used: ... ... ux.tar.bz2 Compiled AX88179 driver (U
  6. Not sure if this helps, but when running it in virtualbox I select Linux 3.x as the version (Stage 2 on that tutorial), not 2.4. Never had a problem. At what point is the "please contact support" coming up? Also, never bothered changing sn or mac in virtualbox so doubt it's that, could be wrong.
  7. Compiled the driver for DSM 5.1 (Used gcc473_glibc217_x86_64_bromolow-GPL and synogpl-5004-x64) I hope I did it right, can someone please test it? Should work if you just drop the .ko into /lib/modules I think. Couldn't attach it as I got a "board attachment quota has been reached" warning, so here's a link instead. ... a-rar.html
  8. Due to the distinct lack of info about USB 3.0 Gigabit adapters on Xpenology and only one reply to my query I am attempting to compile kernel drivers for both the AX88179 and RTL8153 chipsets, for Xpenology 5.1. As I don't yet have the adapter, is there a kind soul on here who does have one that can test the kernel drivers once I have finished compiling them? (assuming I don't fail miserably) Or, if anyone has a different USB 3.0 Gigabit adapter I will compile the driver for that instead to try. Whatever it takes to get a USB 3.0 Gigabit lan adapter to work.
  9. Just built the same setup, Asrock Q1900 with DS380 case, originally was using a PM card with a 2 port pcie sata card but due to the lack of PM drivers I got the Syba SATA III 4 Port PCI-e sbv3000 mentions and that works fine, yeah you end up with 500mb/s divided by 4 so 125mb/s each but not much can be done about that, still more than the gigabit lan will be able to do. Bottleneck will be the lan most likely. I have been looking into using an adapter for the mini pcie which appears to be 2.0 (according to lspci). If this works then you could
  10. Actually the main adapter I am looking at uses the RTL8153 chip (, it seems the older model of the same one uses the AX88179 chip. Of course as I don't actually have one yet, am willing to buy whatever one is confirmed as working. After making the mistake of buying a sata port multiplier and finding it doesn't work will not buy something to use with xpenology now unless it has been confirmed as working. You say it is easy to copy kernel drivers to enable it in boot, is there a tutorial somewhere on all that?
  11. Running 5.1 with my Q1900 and have transferred about 6tb to and from the nas between it, a DS414, a windows 8.1 pc and a ubuntu pc without any hanging issues. Baremetal with latest Q1900 bios.
  12. Running 5.1 bare metal on my Q1900 without issue, only bug I have come across is the expansion issue which has been mentioned in other threads. Been running for a week or two now and no missing volumes. Running latest bios, also without issue though as I have my DS on 24x7 I haven't tried WOL yet.
  13. Tested and also had the same issue with 5.1-5022 SHR. Interestingly the disk group would expand, just the volume group that wouldn't.
  14. I have a similar system, a raspberry pi running openelec with cifs/nfs mounted shares from synology/xpenology diskstations. I am using the old RPi and they work perfectly for full HD so am sure the new ones would be even better (it's even powered by a diskstation). For under 30 quid for a media center you can't go wrong. As for the actual topic question, only way I would assume it is possible is running xpenology and xbmc virtualised on the same machine. Bare metal I don't see as being possible.
  15. (Double posted for some reason, don't know how to delete this post)