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  1. Hi, since yesterday i was trying to install XPEnology to my old computer which is Dell Optilex GX620, everything is fine but when i attach DSM .pat file at the end i get error, according to instructions boot loader and DSM files matches but i cannot install, please tell me which version i should install? Dell Optilex Gx620 system Conf. CPU: PENTIUM D 830 3Ghz RAM: 3 Gb HDD: 1 TB + 80 GB when i install DSM file it goes till the end but after countdown form 500 something it says couldnt find the Device try manually, whenever i access to webgui everything starts over, and there is a message on consol which says: startups daemons [Date] Excution Error. NanoBoot specs: x86 4482 DSM specs: DSM_DS214play_4482.pat Looking forward to your reply.