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      DSM 6.2-23739 - WARNING   05/23/2018

      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs
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  1. DSM 6

    Did xpenology stopped updating ? Why no DSM update 6 yet released ?
  2. Will this small pc qood for Xpenlogy

    I am looking for a cheap PC with low power consumption to run Xpenology to it. i found one small pc: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Voyo-Mini-PC-Windows-8-1-2GB-RAM-64GB-ROM-Intel-Z3735F-Quad-Core-Windows-with/32512418173.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.17.oX5c3k&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_2_71_72_73_74_75,searchweb201527_4,searchweb201560_9 will this good to run xpenlogy ( if its through esxi its ok) Z3735F supports visualization
  3. I have 2 servers running xpenlogy and both have this message , did you find a solution ?
  4. Problem After Upgrading to 5.2

    Ok fixed it , for people having same problem: 1. Upload the new boot image ( download from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8WTs ... authuser=0 ) 2. Upload the file to ESXi Datastore 3. Create a new Disk in ESXi , and map it with the file uploaded 4. Make that disk the 1st boot option
  5. 5.2 XPEnology Boot Image?

    How i update the boot image to 5.2 from 5.1 ? i am using ESXi
  6. Problem After Upgrading to 5.2

    As i found now i am using: Synology-FTP/XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.3-000002.vmd how i can change to : Synology-FTP/XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5565x-xxxx.vmd
  7. Problem After Upgrading to 5.2

    I have an esxi host , xpenlogy 5.1 and tried to upgrade from the control panel , the update was sucessful , the synology boot , i can login with SSH but cannot see the admin page at :5000 how i can fix it ? Do i need to upload a new boot file for 5.2 ? Is there a step by step how to fix ? i searched the forum but i cannot find something that can help me