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  1. Does anyone get HDD hibernation/sleep working on DSM 6 ?
  2. robermix

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Same problem ! I set up an SSD as internal volume and other 3 drives configured as eSata data-only drive by editing the synoinfo.conf file. I have also connected an external USB drive. I've stopped all services but no one disks go into hibernation. With the same hardware setup and DSM 5.1 hibernation worked.
  3. Asrock Q1900-itx Samsung SSD 830 Uploading .pat file throught i got error 35, "Disk formatting failed". I'm sure VIP & PID are right. Edit: Solved. The SSD had an EFI partition. ;P
  4. I'm trying to install DSM 6.1.1 following the tutorial ( but i can't find the NAS throught Synology Assistant. I have used the optional custom ramdisk. I will try with the standard extra.lzma
  5. A possible (?) dirty solution is to manually corrup the system partition of the old drives (, add them to the new build and when DSM 6 will boot it will copy itself to the old drives fixing the volumes. But i think that is a very dirty and dangerous solution and i'm not sure it will work. I'm switching to esata drive mode to avoid this problem. DSM (and packages) installed in only one drive and all other are only data drives. (I don't need RAID or SHR solutions.)
  6. The old drives have a system internal partition (DSM is installed in each internal drive) so i think that when you add the old drives it will be a system conflict.
  7. Great news. In this days i'm planning to upgrade my build from DSM 5.1 to DMS 6.1 with a fresh install. Now i've installed 4 sata drives each with their own volume, so nothing RAID o SHR. To avoid the problem to have to backup data before each DSM update i will change the build. I'm switching the sata drives from sata internal mode to esata mode, in this way the drives will become only data EXT4 drives, and i'll add a new drive which will runs DSM. So when i want to update DSM i have only to unplug the esata data drives, update DSM, check synoinfo.conf and reconn
  8. I'm interested. Can you give more details about the new trascoding option ?
  9. I have the same issue with the same motherboard. You should try to disable the Intel Speedstep (or other power saving technology) in the UEFI settings. viewtopic.php?p=34490#p34490 However while the web GUI and any other app aren't accesible the transfer of data continue, and when it is finished the NAS will become again accessible. Try.
  10. I have an issue. Bios 1.40. Serial and Parallel ports disabled. Intel USB 3.0 and Legacy Support Enable. XPEnoboot on bare metal, DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4. Pen Drive connected to an USB 2.0 port: it works. Hard Disk USB 2TB 3.5" with external power supply, connected to an USB 2.0 port: it works. Pen Drive connected to an USB 3.0 port: it works. Hard Disk USB 2TB 3.5" with external power supply, connected to an USB 3.0 port: it dosn't work.
  11. Why i should use the VM and not the hardware solution ? Can Hyper-V be used on windows 8.1 ?