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  1. I came across this message on xpenology.nl: ===== Attention At the moment the downloads are not working due to provider restrictions. I’m fixing this at the moment. Update It’s taking longer then anticipated. Tomorrow (11-02-2015) the downloads should be up and running. In the mean time you can download the boot images from here: Nanoboot.eu.org ===== So they're having some troubles with their provider. I'm sure it will be resolved in time
  2. I can get to it now too. Weird...
  3. Go for Minix Neo X8-H PLUS. It supports hardware decoding
  4. Hi folks, I can't get to xpenology.nl is it down?
  5. Zignature

    Setup advice

    Well that didn't work The M4A78-Pro board notoriously doesn't boot from USB automatically. It gets stuck with "Checking NVRAM..." message on screen. Pressing F8 to popup the boot menu doesn't work either It probably will boot from USB if I leave the Win7 drive connected and hit F8 to popup the boot menu, but I don't know whether it'll ruin my Win7 drive... Besides, I'd want it to boot from USB automatically.
  6. Zignature

    Setup advice

    Thanks @XPEH, I will give it a shot
  7. Zignature

    Setup advice

    Hi folks, I'm new to XPEnology and so far I'm loving it. I used to own a couple of Synology CS407e diskstations so I'm familiar with DSM. I have an unused pc that I want to re-purpose as a DSM machine. I've been playing around with XPEnology the last two weeks and I could use some advice about setting up my box. Hardware specs: Motherboard: Asus M4A78-Pro CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 245 RAM: 6GB (3x 2GB, fourth dimm slot is not working) 5x HDD HDD 1: Western Digital 160GB SATA II (boot drive running Windows 7 Ultimate x64) (AHCI mode) HDD 2 - HDD 5: Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB SATA II (AHCI mode) Since I currently do not have the option to run backups because of the lack of backup drives (and the cash) I'd like to setup the four Spinpoint drives in RAID 5. I'm running DSM 5.1 as a guest OS in VirtualBox. My question is, where is it best to setup the RAID 5? On the host (RAID controller card) or on the guest (SHR on DSM using VMDK files)? As a side note, I'm not stuck on Windows 7. I'd install any OS as long as I can run SABnzbd, Sonarr. CouchPotato and Plex (I know all of them do run in DSM). And preferably Filebot too. Or would it be possible to run DSM bare-metal on this box? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Done You may want to change the answers to the question about which version people use. You could change them to 4.x, 5.x etc. etc. or add 5.1. If possible at all. I'm runnung 5.1 so I chose 5.0