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  1. i make OVF package from andy release so yes PVSCSI is supported, add SCSI adaptater in Hardware. you can delete or resize the 20G drive if you don't need it, it's just a drive to start to work with package.
  2. the first disk is just to boot system. at the first connection, you need to configure the 20Go disk or more, you can change it before launch the first i don't see the 02gb in hdd management from DSM with vBOX
  3. replace first volume, i test on workstation with no problem.
  4. command make failed nothing to do, makefile is missing, how to get it ? i search on google too : how to create makefile
  5. expand disk in vmware before create volume in synology. if you want to expand after, you need to recreate volume to get the correct size
  6. i have never try reboot the vm from vm neither synology. i use shutdown from synology and power on from vm. replace the original first disk to repair boot error 20
  7. it's not working for vmware, no hardrive found, you don't have the extended hardware version.
  8. Links posted in new topic :
  9. This topic is for OVF version (VBOX export, VBOX->Convert to VMWARE export) based on XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++ (more hardware) it's a fresh install, no password, DHCP ethernet and 2 disks : -disk 1 200mb for synoboot (keep version to restore boot if grub loading error) -disk 2 thin provisioning up to 20Go for system (373Mo used) Links for VBOX_OVF 4.1 Version VirtualBox 4.2.6 : Links for VMWARE_OVF 4.1 Version Workstation 9 : Links for VMWARE_OVF 4.1 Version Workstation 8 : ht
  10. the new version works. i will post OVF version for virtualbox and vmware : version with 2 disks : -disk 1 200mb for synoboot -disk 2 thin provisioning up to 20Go for system