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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Do you mind sharing your config? Did you have to setup anything differently? I'm struggling to get it working with Proxmox currently.
  2. Not working for me either. Originally tried my existing config using UEFI. Tried changing to standard BIOS as it seems the loader has UEFI issues, but still no joy. The image seems to boot up and give the happy hacking screen, but the device can't be found and the resources of the VM don't appear normal.
  3. Sorted it out. Turns out it didn't like my DNS... currently using a DNSCrypt Proxy on my router, pointing at DNS servers ran by Switched over to OpenDNS as a test, and the source added right away. Not quite sure why, but will dig deeper...
  4. Hi all, new to the site but been playing around with XPEnology for a bit. I've just recently installated 5.1 onto a box with the intention of making this my primary NAS after getting fed up with a ReadyNAS unit. In general, all seems to be fine and stable however I cannot seem to add the source for the SynoCommunity packages. When trying, I get "Invalid Location" I've tried other sources which seem to add fine, and I did notice that SynoCommunity were down a few days ago but from what I can tell they should now be running. Has anyone else had any issues adding this source? Not sure if it's something to to with the 5.1 upgrade, as when I tried 5.0 previously it seemed to work. Thanks