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  1. I tried both but still can't get into my machine either with the or the assistant. I have no errors and the bootscreen looks exactly the same as your tutorial's. i have a Broadcom NetXtreme II 5771x/578xx 10/20-Gigabit Ethernet, I think.. 5.2 just loads all the network modules but the bnx2x is used by some other module so i think i have that one. i can't find a list where it shows that's in your extra.lzma. should Broadcom be supported? or am i just out of luck and should i go looking for another adapter?
  2. hm, i tried everything i could think of but with as bare a bios as i could find, it will not get past the "trigger device plug event" error i dont mind getting my hands dirty but i dont know how to troubleshoot this. just randomly trying to change settings is not the best way to go about this in my experience. is there a setting i can use at boot time to get more logging? current logs show nothing, even after leaving the system hanging there a whole night. what does this error mean, is it the kernel loading drivers for something?