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  1. @Bose321 test this one https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dodo-dk/rp-ext/main/acpid/rpext-index.json
  2. @Blackmyth on DS918+ or which model?
  3. Update works with ds3622, thanks for the info
  4. I have some ESP32 and ESP8266. My programming skills are not the best. How can i help and with what?
  5. Install on DSM the Package SynoCli Monitor Tools from SynoCommunity. Than login over SSH to DSM and execute the command: iperf3 -s It shows now the listening Port. Now login over SSH to Proxmox and execute the command iperf3 -c xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (IP from DSM) On Proxmox you need the Package iperf3 too (apt update && apt install iperf3) Thats all.
  6. With VirtIO i have : (Proxmox <-> DSM) [ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 31.3 GBytes 26.9 Gbits/sec 0 sender [ 5] 0.00-10.04 sec 31.3 GBytes 26.8 Gbits/sec receiver If you have other VMs in Proxmox that connects to DSM over Network, VirtIO is much faster.
  7. I use the VirtIO Network Controller without problems in Proxmox. It was faster than E1000(e) ./rploader.sh ext broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/redpill-load/master/redpill-virtio/rpext-index.json
  8. If you used my package, than the button.ko is loaded automatically on boot. Log in in DSM over SSH and post your output of the commands: lsmod | grep button and ls -l /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/
  9. ACPID works with ds3622 and ds3617 (and probably ds3615) with Proxmox only when you load the button.ko module. I have included the button.ko in pocopicos acpid for ds3622 here: ./rploader.sh ext broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dodo-dk/rp-ext/main/acpid/rpext-index.json One important thing, the acpid service doesn't work on first boot after install of DSM. After you set your User Account and Password, you need to restart DSM from DSM menu. After this the ACPID works over Proxmox. For ds918 acpid works with pocopicos acpid. But here the same, not on first boot. You can check over ssh with ls -l /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/. On first boot there is no acpid.service, after second boot it is and then it works.
  10. you need the original PAT direct from Synology Download Center
  11. For the Proxmox ACPID / Powerbutton Problem: I found out that the Powerbutton is working if i manually insmod the button.ko I hope @pocopico can integrate it in his acpid package, its from https://github.com/jimmyGALLAND/redpill-ext/tree/master/acpid/modules Tested under ds3617xs_42661 Wish you all a Happy Easter
  12. Yes, but this was done/add automatically on loader build
  13. This for ACPID, but under Proxmox it does not work. ./rploader.sh ext bromolow-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/redpill-load/master/redpill-acpid/rpext-index.json This for virtio Drivers ./rploader.sh ext bromolow-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/redpill-load/master/redpill-virtio/rpext-index.json Edit: Sorry now its right
  14. Yes, this is right for virtio drivers in Proxmox. But ACPI/Powerbutton doesnt work with 7.1.
  15. @pocopico In the config.json for DS3617xs 7.1.0-42661, the pat url is linked to DSM_DS3617xs_42621.pat, is this right? Is there a new manual/help for rploader.sh? parameters like fullupgrade is not included in help
  16. DSM automatic update don´t work because redpill-load change/manipulate the urls and its good so. You can see this in the config files: "synoinfo": { ... "rss_server": "http://example.com/null.xml", "rss_server_ssl": "https://example.com/null.xml", "small_info_path": "https://example.com/null", "updateurl": "http://example.com/", "myds_region_api_base_url": "https://example.com"
  17. No, i have downloaded the 7.0.1-42218-3 pat and do a manual update over the dsm webgui. After update the vm restarts an all done. Now I have update the "productive" vm system too with same result.
  18. I have updated the virtual "test" machine (Proxmox - DS3617xs) from 7.0.1-42218-2 to 7.0.1-42218-3 and it works. Don't need to make a new loader.
  19. No sorry, no HP Gen8. I have a Asrock E3C226D2I with Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1285L v4
  20. sorry but ESXi RDM says me nothing. No, there is no real Smart Data, but my smart data is monitored by Proxmox.
  21. My Proxmox config: args: -device 'qemu-xhci,addr=0x18' -drive 'id=synoboot,file=/var/lib/vz/images/100/loader.img,if=none,format=raw' -device 'usb-storage,id=synoboot,drive=synoboot,bootindex=5' balloon: 0 boot: d cores: 4 cpu: kvm64 localtime: 1 memory: 6144 name: Synology net0: virtio=00:00:00:00:00:00,bridge=vmbr0 numa: 0 onboot: 1 ostype: l26 protection: 0 sata0: local-lvm:vm-100-disk-0,discard=on,size=100G,ssd=1 sata1: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD60EFRX-68MYMN1_WD-WXxxx,backup=0,serial=xxx,size=5860522584K sata2: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD60EFRX-68MYMN1_WD-WXxxx,backup=0,serial=xxx,size=5860522584K sata3: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD60EFRX-68L0BN1_WD-WXxxx,backup=0,serial=xxx,size=5860522584K sata4: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD60EFRX-68L0BN1_WD-WXxxx,backup=0,serial=xxx,size=5860522584K sata5: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST2000LM003_HN-M201RAD_S3xxx,backup=0,serial=xxx,size=1953514584K scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci serial0: socket smbios1: uuid=xxx sockets: 1 startup: order=2,up=90 tablet: 0 The ds3617xs_701-42218u2 loader from https://github.com/jimmyGALLAND/redpill-load Develop Branch.
  22. I have installed DS3617xs on a fresh VM and it works, with the ds3617xs_701-42218u2 Loader. Don't need to deactivate the internet connection. I use redpill-helper, not tinycore. The migration from 3615xs to 3617xs works without a problem on my real Proxmox VM. Yes, no problems here. I have one virtual Disk and 4 passthrough Disks. 2 Volumes and many Shared Folders.
  23. i have only changed the loader. install was already done on the test VM. I use it on Proxmox. I will test a fresh install later and if it works, i switch from 3615xs to 3617xs the real VM.
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