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    End od XPenology.nl?

    I still have the CPU tutorial in PDF format, but only the Intel files to go with it (so not the AMD ones). Let me know where to email it if interested.
  2. Willem2

    Asrock Q1900 freezes when moving data in lan

    Probably a wrong bios setting, I have 2 usb disks and a usb flash drive showing up just fine... Tried loading the r8168 and the r8169_new modules for the NIC to see if that would improve matters, but both gave me problems with SSH connections. Strangely, webserver remained accessible.
  3. Willem2

    Asrock Q1900 freezes when moving data in lan

    Have a Q1900 also, running DSM5.0 4493 update 5, Nanoboot- DSM 5.0-4482. Same type of problem. Appears to be worst when moving a file from nas to nas trough external PC, hangs after a couple of seconds. So I select cut in windows explorer, move to another directory and do a paste. When just moving files to and from NAS it appears to be OK. As some people do not have the problem, maybe a BIOS setting that is causing the problem?