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    Well i got my hp box working fine & gained a lot of experience, however i required 3 gigabit network ports. And after looking up buying parts vs buying a DS1515+ , the second works out as a better option for me. 4 gigabit network ports , 4 usb 3 & 2 esata is a lot of expandability. I am not exactly sure what i will be doing with my HP box yet. But i am sure i will find a new home somewhere for it I will probably lurk a while as i have quite a few misc size drives hanging about as a backup i suppose. Oh and thanks , without this site i would have purchased something unsuitable
  2. good instructions , works great Thanks
  3. I brought a second hand N45L with a 250 h/d from ebay for only £150. Now i have brought a few bits that will let me use 6 SATA drives. However i would prefer to use a SATA 3 based card that has room for 6+1 eSATA. To top that off i cant spend a lot as most of my money is going to be on some WD Reds. Probably mostly 4tb , but i am also getting a 6 as well. I am also getting a better network card , so it can match the speed on my network. Speed is essential as i want to stream 4K Movies from my small bedroom to the front room. So far i have put the latest bios on till i can get the rest of my equipment. I only have a limited budget as my wife will kill me if i spend too much.