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  1. It is strange that the chipset isn´t supported when the Asrock motherboard on the J1900 has NIC with the chipset Realtek 8111 . It Works bootloader 3615 - 3617 without drivers 'extra.lmza' .That's why I bought this chip set NIC Realtek . Try to buy NIC intel maybe it will work .
  2. I bought gigabit card with chipset realtek 8111E / 8111F (PCIE) .
  3. I bought a new network card, but it still looks the same. I found out when the bootloader is running so I don´t have the backlink as if it was turned off. When I switch the system to Windows, the card automatically connects to link. Don´t know where the problem might be ??
  4. Hi I tried to use the bios mode from Kamzata ( 2014 ). I downloaded the version of the DSM 6.1 bootloader and I changed everything so I did (extra3617_v4.8) so I can´t see the N57L in the network. I wanted to ask if I changed the network card for this type of AXAGON PCEE-GR (https://www.axagon.eu/en/products/pcee-gr) will this work? Thanks a lot for the answer
  5. I have one question. I have use mod bios or original bios ?
  6. Thanks for the information. Just move the extra.lzma into the bootloader and should it work? I'm going to try it
  7. I have upgraded the bios for the latest release in 2013 (HP_sp64420 version _O41100113.ROM ) . I tried setting the bootloader but the result is still the same. I don´t see the installation in a DMS tested 6.1 - 6.2.
  8. Thank you for the link. I have tested both the DMS 6.1 - 2 version but the result is still the same. Normally boot DMS then I cann´t find it in the network. I tried to add drivers extra.lzma but the result is the same. Cann´t be the problem that there is an old bios? Thanks for the information
  9. Hello everyone I would like to ask what is the best bootloader on AMD I have N54L and I can´t break the boot system (device I don´t see in the network). i tried the bootloader on the DS3617 and the DS918 and the result is still the same I put the drivers "extra.lzma" I ask for advice on how to resolve it. Thank you
  10. Dire

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hi all I have one request . I have tried a new image of the DS916 but I didn´t connect with synology asistent . My HW is ASRock Q1900. Please for advice on how to make it work. Thanks a lot
  11. Dire

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I have one question ? How to run a USB DVBT tuner DMS 6. USB module is invisible in the system. Thanks for advice
  12. Hi All I have a big request to you on this motherboard .When the system will restart and had boot. It looks like he went to sleep mode only what helps it off and on. I wanted to ask whether this problem is someone else, or it may be bad HW or SW. Thank you as well for every good advice
  13. Dire

    Login ?

    I had the same problem .The problem i solved with another browser and then it started to work.
  14. Thanks for the information it is clear to me that the problem is in the right. Yesterday evening everything worked well and when I rebooted it today so it stopped working .It is strange that SMB approach works perfectly fine via web interface to Neve No account has been created.