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  1. Is the issue people having running dsm 5.1-5055 with xpenoboot 5.1-5022.3 or the lastest xpenoboot 5.1-5055?
  2. kaitoudark

    Compatible 4 port sata card?

    Thanks guys for the reply The syba sata3 4 port is using only x1, wouldn't that be a bottleneck with 4 hdd transferring data?
  3. kaitoudark

    Compatible 4 port sata card?

    Hi Guys, Planning to build a nas with xpenology. I am going with the asrock Q1900-itx motherboard with the silverstone ds380 case. The case has 8 hotswap bays. I want to use all 8 but the motherboard only has 4 sata ports. Anyone know any compatible 4 port pcie sata cards that work with xpenology and this motherboard?